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Kuala Lumpur


On the the morning we departed Singapore both myself and Niamh woke up grainy-eyed and tired after a fitful nights sleep due to jet lag. Thankfully the five-and-half hour bus journey from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur provided ample opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep.


Our first experience of Kuala Lumpur was a lot like I had expected a large prosperous South East Asian city to be like i.e. traffic choked streets framed by buildings sporting all manner of neon signs and walls with cracked and peeling paintwork everywhere. In comparison to the almost clinical cleanliness of Singapore, the unashamed dirt of Kuala Lumpur left us both uneasy and questioning whether we wanted to be there (classic case of culture shock I know).


After we had checked into our guesthouse (its called No 88 and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go to Kuala Lumpur) we dropped our bags and and headed straight into down town Kuala Lumpur.

Our first evening was spent happily lost, ambling through the China Town and the Little India districts of the city. One of the most striking aspects of Kuala Lumpur up this point has been seeing many different ethnic groups that make up Malaysian society. Due to this ethnic diversity, Kuala Lumpur sports everything from huge Muslim Mosques to Buddist and Chinese Hoi Shin Temples. This eclectic mix of people and cultures can best be seen by the fact that at one stage you can be walking down a street bedecked with fairylights in Chinatown before stumbling over a gold encrusted Mosque in Little India. The sheer diversity of the different streets and cultures on offer is definitely one of the citys' most interesting facets. We finished the evening with a few quiet beers in a nice bar near our hostel.

On the morning of our second day we decided to head out to the BATU Caves for some sight seeing. The BATU Caves are huge limestone caves that are about 14 kilometers outside Kuala Lumpur. The caves themselves are an incredible sight to look at and their sheer size was quiet humbling. After climbing the 274 steps up to the caves we spent about half an hour walking around looking at the caves and the Hindu alters that are dotted around them.


That evening we went up the Petronas Towers and got to walk along the Sky bridge between both buildings. The views from this vantage point over the whole of Kuala Lumpur were incredible. The Sky bridge itself is only on the 42nd floor of these two giant towers but even so you could look down on every high rise building in the city. We both loved it!!


After Kuala Lumpur our next destination was Georgetown

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Our first stopover

28 °C

Darragh and I arrived safe and sound in Singapore after a farely easy flight and were bright as buttons since we had caught so much sleep on the flight. So on our first night we walked around Little India in search of food and Darragh was delighted with the firery chicken that he got!! Since then we have explored alot more about Singapore (colonial district, chinatown, the huge shopping malls, the museums and the night safari) and we both really like it... a real mix of cultures. Today we walked all day in the sun in the Botanic Gardens, which were beautiful and we finished the day with a lovely meal in Little India.
Tomorrow we head to Kuala Lumpur and are looking forward to that... Will fill you in again soon...

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